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    Movies Percy Jackson Film

    StevenF50 Oct 23, 2011

    1. StevenF50

      StevenF50 New Chatter


      Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief is a reasonably new film based on the book by Rick Riordan. I recently watched the film after reading the whole series of books. The film is pretty awesome epically when all the sword fighting is going on. It looks very realistic unlike some films of it's genre: Modern Mythology. I preferred the book to the film. In the film they changed a whole lot of things that shouldn't have been changed. I could name a load like the battle with Luke isn't in the book. They didn't add at the end where Luke releases a scorpion on Percy. I could name a lot more. I hope they make the rest of the series in film. Have you watched Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief? Did you like it? Do you think they will do the whole series? Tell us here.

    2. pinklily

      pinklily New Chatter

      I just recently watched the Lightning Thief few hours ago in cable channel. I am not a fan of mythology but it's worth watching with all those amazing graphics. :runaway:
    3. LucasMom

      LucasMom Quiet Chatter

      I have heard that they are making a sequel. Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monters is set to release in 2013.

      Personally, I've read all the books and I was disappointed in the first movie. They changed too much of the book for my liking. It was an okay movie, and if I had seen it before I read the book I would have liked it better. I'm hoping the next movie will be better.