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    Plain cigarette packs review ends

    APS Sep 23, 2012

    1. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member


      Now I no longer smoke so it doesn't affect me but if this is bought in are the Gorverment prepared to be sued if some unscrupulous back street shop sells inferior foreign cigs and someone dies,because in plain packages nobody can can tell difference.
      fiona1964 likes this.
    2. fiona1964

      fiona1964 Chataholic

      I have to agree and they has been a few TV programs about inferior cigs and the damage they do
    3. ramtastic05

      ramtastic05 Talkative

      Smoking is bad enough. Same with all drugs, its a health risk and those who smoke put themselves at risk.

      I think the plain packaging increases the risk for those inferior drugs, but if it helps to stop underage smoking, it might be worth it. Then again, one has to weigh both sides of the argument. They may try it for a test period and see the effects, but even then, during the trial period, people can die.

      This is a tough issue. I think they should leave cigarrettes as is.
    4. Spice

      Spice Chat Addict

      I don't think the plain packaging will make any difference.
    5. ramtastic05

      ramtastic05 Talkative

      You could be right, but there are alot of black market dealers and suppliers who can take advantage of it.

      Plus, store owners may look for cheaper cigarette packs, and with plain packaging, they may turn to inferior cigarettes which won't be distinguishable from the real ones.
    6. Grungie

      Grungie Raging Alcoholic

      I didn't know you could buy cigarettes off the black market. What happened with buying them at a gas station?

      Though I doubt it'll confuse that many people. If you smoke, you know what cigarettes you want, I won't see confusion unless they're labeling Marlboro Reds as Newports, which might piss people off if they were looking for menthol.
    7. jnugget

      jnugget Regular Chatter

      cig packs are plain enough now as it is and it still doesnt make any difference like the pack i bought today health warnings and brand name thats about it theres no more grusome images anymore which still made no difference at all
      the governments complain about smokers yet if it wasnt for smokers there would be less taxes to collect and more people out of work due to factories closing down ect everything has a chain reaction and even if they ban it things still wouldnt improve we would just do the same as drug users do go out and buy the cigs cheap on the black market