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    Pokemon. Evil or not?

    Leo Aug 18, 2012

    1. Leo

      Leo New Chatter

      This was something I originally wrote on Yahoo answers. It was well written and thought out so I though I will share what I wrote with you guys.
      I've been playing Pokemon since I was a young kid, I'm 15 now. I recently threw away all my Pokemon Cards, sold my latest Pokemon game, and got rid of my books. I don't own anything Pokemon now. When I was younger I would misbehave and get into trouble while being addicted to Pokemon. Now ever since I've got rid of Pokemon I haven't gotten into any trouble but been better.

      I got rid of Pokemon because I saw this video.
      The original video is in Spanish but it was translated in English. That girl spoke with clarity, she wasn't nervous, she didn't think of what to say it all came to her naturally, she didn't say any "umms" in her interview.So I knew this video was true.

      I've watched that video 3 times, first time I saw it I thought that Pokemon couldn't be bad. Second time I began to start having doubt and started asking myself questions about Pokemon being evil. The third time I watched it I became convinced that Pokemon was satanic.

      I owned a Pokemon site a while back, and I don't want to be held responsible for anyone's life if Pokemon is evil and they go to hell because I created it.I wanted to change my site's theme but instead the members started to troll me.One of the sites I was affiliated with took advantage of this and stole some members from my site to theirs. So I left that site, deleted my account and never went back to it, only once or twice to check on it.

      I also read two different articles. They're both the opposite, one is defending Pokemon and giving positive statements, the other is saying negative things about Pokemon. These articles are both well written.
      Negative article : http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news1099/pokemon.html
      Positive article : http://leto_chan.tripod.com/pokemon/editorial9.html

      I really don't know what to believe, should I follow my own path? Or be another lemming and believe everything I hear on the Internet? I would like to hear your thoughts, especially if you're a Priest because I'm a religious person, I'm Catholic.

      I really don't care if you say that God isn't real, or the Devil isn't real, your opinion doesn't matter to me. Just because you never experienced anything, or have legit proof. That doesn't mean they're not real. I know they're real, so kindly don't say any negative things.
      Original source by me : http://answers.yahoo.com/question/i...hej1X6vwDH1G;_ylv=3?qid=20120817100129AAeG3xR
    2. Pokemon

      Pokemon Getting There

      No, Pokemon are not evil, they are our friends. I have a better life because of Pokemon. :D
    3. Kaynil

      Kaynil Quiet Chatter

      I'll be as sincere as I can with you and hopefully I can help you somewhat. I cannot decide for you what to believe in, I can only encourage you to investigate further and take everything with a grain of salt.

      When I had my N64, the anime coming from the devil concern was so strong around my area that my mother took all my anime collection and posters and threw them away. I basically was afraid that by extension since PKM are Nintendo and Smash shows Link, my N64 would be thrown too in no time.

      Most of the attacks against PKM has been lies easily believed in because of fear to what we don't know. You hear it comes from Japan and you don't know most of its words, but now with the Internet becoming more available it is easy to find out the meanings of foreign words.
      • For example pokemon is short for pocket-monsters.
      • Monster is what we design animals we don't know whether they are bad or not, for example the Nessie, the moster of lake Ness. Pikachu does not mean a thousand times better than God or anything like that. Now we know Pika is the sound thunder makes and chu is the sound mouse makes, so their name basically hint to electric-rat.
      Other pokemon have play with English words to form their name, like Ekans being snake backwards.

      :giggle: The url against Pokémon you gave us comes from a satire page, it is not a serious religion thing.
      For example they say
      which are things associated with satanic cults, having the childrens of God excitedly saying that is a laughable comparison, specially for those that believe religion can lead people into what they pray to prevent.​

      If you have played the games or watched the series you know taht is not true, the collection is appealing to the ego. I want to brag or prove to myself and others that I am so good.​
      If you think they are serious, you could still try reading this one:Kids! Accept Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior and Get a Free PlayStation 3!, there kids are encouraged to hate their parents. By the way it is written as well as their staff page photo, the whole website is clearly a joke.​

      In the end it is like blaming the television, parents have to be in contact with their kids and watch what they do while they are growing on and cannot discern fantasy and reality. Guidance. Things may influence you to behave certain ways but they will not control you and make you things you don't want to do.

      Yeah, sure: I've seen some people becoming aggressive about it - obsessing over the game mechanics and exploiting them as much as possible to get the strongest Pokémon, bragging and taking joy of beating you to a pulp - but that mentality is not induced by a game, it is a mentality encouraged in the ambient he is. If it hadn't been this game they would tackle other games or stuff with the same results, because he or she would use the same logic, the same ideas. It is more of the individualist way of thinking. In this case the game is just the tool that make it show.
      In favour of pokemon:
      • it is a show where you make bonds with your 'Pokémon' in order to succeed. While you need to earn their respect, the anime and games tried hard to make clear that being unfair or using terror reign wouldn't help your case.
      • Trainers made friendships and encouraged seeing more than just tools of war in their pokémon, they also needed to be strong themselves.
      • The main character of the anime at some point was to release his main Pokémon when he thought it would be the best for his Pikachu, but the Pokémon decided to stay by his side. before that Ash had already released 'butterfree', one of his first captured pokemon so it could make its life. Other episodes show that bond between trainers and their Pokémon.
      • As for the game, later instances reward good treatment making your Pokémon like you more for it, certain Pokémon will only 'evolve' if they like you enough, or put another way, if you two have a strong bond.
      • Pokémon will not fight to kill the other, when they combat, trainers have to stop before seriously injuring the Pokémon and are expected to take them to the nearest pkm-hospital.
      You have a head of your own and you are free to take the positive message or focus in the rumours and negative stuff. Try to find if the claims are truth and double check around where you get the articles to make sure they are trustworthy and serious.

      You may feel you have gotten better since you have gotten rid of that, that's great. I feel I have learn positive things from the franchise and I didn't see me or my brother gotten more violent because of it, or my parents noticing that.
      I could not recover my collection but my mother was left tranquil when I explained the real meanings and how some things were taken out of proportion.
    4. Naiwen

      Naiwen Chat Addict

      Man, that coudnt be right to oh?
    5. FTON

      FTON Quiet Chatter

      Well everything has advantages and disadvantages, but we can't just accuse a cartoon of being the evil source, it's the consumer in general, it's not bad to love Pokémon, however it's not good to be addicted to it either.
      Some Kids act like The Characters in Cartoons, because they can't make a difference between reality and Fiction, which is something must be told to them by parents, Quitting watching cartoons is a good step to stop addiction, also you can always stop watching any cartoon, it's your choice to be addicted of cartoons or not.
    6. Naiwen

      Naiwen Chat Addict

      Yes well said & nay, it couldn't be "evil" in mine views! :(