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    Question Regarding Xenforo?

    Warren Aug 3, 2013

    1. Warren

      Warren Quiet Chatter

      Jul 5, 2013
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      I am thinking of getting Xenforo but before I do I have a few questions I need to ask and I hope you guys can help me out please?

      I currently have my forum on myBB and another one of my forums on Zetaboards and one on InvisionFree and one on Yuku.

      1. But I was wondering is it possible for either Mybb, InvisionfreeFree, Zetaboards or Yuku to convert over to Xenforo?
      2. How easy is it to add Mods and themes and Permissions to categories and forums?
      3. If I were to transfer my MyBB forum would there be an Xenforo Alternative to any mods MyBB use.
      4. Is the cost for it Monthly or Yearly?
      5. How is Xenforo's Support are they slow or very fast with helping or are they crude (please don't be bias)?
      6. Besides paying for it, what's the difference between paid and Free Forum Software, don't do exactly the same thing?
      I may have more questions and I apologise in advance if this has been asked before.
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Mar 24, 2011
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      I shall answer these questions as best I can for you Warren :)

      1. I know there is converter to convert your MyBB forum to Xenforo however for Invisionfree, Zetaboards and Yuku I am unsure.

      2. The mods and themes are really easy to install and are always explained to ensure the install is very easy. Permissions is slightly confusing at first to get on with however it did not take me long to pick it up.

      3. There is as far as I know some mods like you would find on MyBB however it would depend on the kind of mods you were looking for.

      4 The cost for Xenforo is yearly, you have a one time fee of $140 for the first year which includes software and a year of support, after the year you can if you wish pay an extra $40 for further support and upgrades and that can be paid yearly for continued support and upgrades.

      5. Xenforo's support is pretty good compared to other forum softwares however I have heard that some have had problems with slow replies from support.

      6. The only forum software that I feel is similar to Xenforo and is free is MyBB :)

      You may also be able to find some more help here http://xenforo.com/community/forums/xenforo-pre-sales-questions.5/

      I hope this helps :) I have also moved this thread to Webmaster and Net Chat for you :)
    3. HAL WARD

      HAL WARD Getting There

      Aug 4, 2011
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      Xenforo sounds like a name of a drug ;0)
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    4. Kaynil

      Kaynil Quiet Chatter

      Feb 14, 2012
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      Okay, I've been on a similar boat, I wanted to move forums. I think I may be of help...
      MyBB I can tell there is not a direct converter. You need to change first, say PHPbb and then to xf. It can be done but be ready to fork some money after hunting the right individual and give it access to your stuff. The Do it yourself route is a real pain. I tried and the converters were outdated so I gave up and started over from zero.
      Similar to MyBB with an extra step. You get your files to the right folders, log in to your admin panel in the forum and add new mod uploading a small file with the details, it will rebuild caché and you will be ready to go. It really takes like two minutes so it is easy.
      Most likely yes, although it depends on what you have in mind and not all alternatives will be free or work the same. Check their resources page for the plugins you have in mind.
      Yearly, however you pay for the license itself once, the yearly payments are to be able to download upgrades and have support. Some people won't renew in a while waiting for a big update. I find relaxing to know I won't have to take my forum down if for some reason I cannot say the renewal fee in time.
      So far both Xenforo and the plugins creators have really good with their support. Only one plugin was slow but the guy was in holidays.
      I found out they update more often, the core has more flexibility to assign permissions and other options, people say they are more secure against exploits. Also so far the plugins have worked flawlessly and have a bit more options.

      However I still think they are not that great and once you pay for it you start getting tempted to pay more in plugins. There's a lot good for free no doubt but for example "rate me a funny" is a paid one that took for granted in MyBB.

      Something I miss is the BBCode creator from the core you need a plugin for that but in the bright side it is free and it also will let you make buttons to be displayed.

      Well, that has been my experience with it.
    5. Demon_skeith

      Demon_skeith Chataholic

      Nov 15, 2011
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      I can answer your InvisionfreeFree, Zetaboards question. From what I understand you will have to buy your database data (which contains posts, members, data, ect.) or use a crawler to get the data. But know that buying the data isn't cheap and the crawler isn't a perfect method.
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