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    R.I.P Lee You Will Forever Be Missed

    Rachel Oct 21, 2012

    1. Rachel

      Rachel Quiet Chatter

      Lee...Never got to meet you now i never will...but from what i know from talking to you and from talking to some of your friends you were a damn awesome guy and lived a awesome life. There were nights we would sit up late and just talking about anything and everything...mainly about music...more specifically Halestorm...im just in shock...idk what to say how to feel but i cant help but hold the tears back...idk how a person can feel so strongly for someone ive never met. but i got to know you pretty damn well of i may say...now i can listen to Halestorm and rock out ten times harder then i ever have.

      live a great life you will forever be missed and never forgot about

      on the right is Arejay Hale(the drummer of his favorite band) and the left is Lee one amazing a** guy sad i never got to know him in person

    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I am so sorry to hear about your loss of a friend Rachel, seems from what you said like he was a brilliant guy :) I have a friend like that who I have never met due to him living in another Country but he is a great guy and a great friend to me and I can only imagine right now how I would feel if I was in your situation.

      RIP Lee.
    3. Spice

      Spice Chat Addict

      I'm sorry Rachel.
    4. Rachel

      Rachel Quiet Chatter

      i appriciate it. its just crazy. he has been battling with PTSD due to something that happened when he was over in Iraq and depression...i look at it like hes alot happier now and can live a better life
    5. Naiwen

      Naiwen Chat Addict

      Rachel, sorry to hear about it as well, anyways, you hath passed away, & its sad new for ya... D: