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    Racism And Being Way Too Politically Correct

    deepdoop Aug 18, 2014

    1. deepdoop

      deepdoop New Chatter

      Before we begin, there is one thing that must be stated. Given the nature of this forum from my very brief existence on it, and reading peoples posts, I think it's safe to say that we agree that racism is bad and is in no way encouraged or beneficial. I only say this because I'm not sure how this will go over. Some people are really sensitive to this and won't take to it well, others may just ignore me entirely, but I think it's important to say some controversial things here and there. I mean, I don't actually find what I'm about to say controversial but due to my conversations with people it must be in some way. Geez this was a long prelude to the actual content, my apologies.

      The other day I was listening to the song I Like It by Foxy Shazam, and if you aren't familiar with it, it's a very fun rock song where the singer talks about his fondness for black chicks. He says things like, "That's the biggest black a** I've ever seen and I like it." If you don't see a problem with that sentence, then this thread isn't really for you but by all means comment!

      I saw someone say on Youtube, "Am I the only one who thinks this is racist?"

      To which I reply: no, but you should be.

      You can apply this to sex or whatever other inequality there is in whatever society you live in. I'm just talking race because it's easier. But we've gotten way too sensitive about race, or at least the language of it.

      Is it really racist to simply call someone black? Or white? Or Asian? Or green? I don't know what it's like where you are, but from where I stand people get really caught up in things like this. You can't acknowledge race anymore without being called racist.

      In context of that song I posted, maybe the dude just likes black chicks. I mean, is that really so bad? You can't say you like a black a**? My main point is that we're way too sensitive to this issue. We are way too PC. Furthermore, the crusade isn't working. The best way to combat racism, even though there isn't a guarantee that it'll work, is to take the power away from the words. When you get offended by someone saying it, you have empowered it. Unfortunately we have people who will use that. I mean, it's good practice to not walk around and sling racial slurs, so don't get confused about what I'm saying.

      A lot of people have racial preferences, and a lot of people won't admit that. How many white males do you know that like Asian women? I know a bunch. Hell, my older brother is one of them and now he's dating one. He doesn't hate other races, but it's still a preference... and that's important. It's not racism, but then, isn't it?

      You prefer one race over another. If we're being picky and playing with words that's actually racist. I'm playing devil's advocate here for the sake of conversation, maybe get your head turning in a way you may not have considered things before. Why is it okay to have a preference like that? Or isn't it?

      I wish racism would go away, but it won't. I don't think it's a bad thing though to acknowledge that it exists... just don't hate someone because of it. There are a million logical reasons to dislike someone, why make it something so silly?

      If this post seems like rambling and it's a little directionless, that's kinda the point. I just want people to discuss things. Activity is down right now from what I've been told and from what I see, I just want to MAYBE provoke someone enough to respond and get some dialogue going.
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I see exactly where you are coming from to be honest. I have a friend in the US who always used words that I hated which I were as you would call racist words however that was his personal opinion and I was not going to lose a friend over that so I just kind of let it ride over my head every time he said it and ignored it, eventually you get used to ignoring it and it does not become an issue any more.

      I have seen people though who have wanted to disown their loved ones because of something they said that is racist which I feel is just going to the extreme. Everyone has an opinion and everyone has their way of dealing with things but to lose people you care about or are even good friends with over maybe a racist word I personally feel is just something silly. Over riding the words and ignoring the issue is way better than creating worse problems.
    3. Ich Bin Butler

      Ich Bin Butler New Chatter

      Acknowledging race shouldn't be a negative thing unless there's a "but" in the sentence. Not like that sweet, sweet a** kind of butt, either. I mean "he's black but he graduated from medical school." No. He's black AND he graduated from medical school. "He's Middle Eastern but he didn't try to blow me up." "She's Asian but she never understood the Gangham Style craze."
      Real life examples are rarely that obvious, but you can catch people making racial presumptions by how impressed or confused they are that someone behaves a certain way.
      As I was saying though, we should all be more open about race. Racism is such a touchy subject because we're not even supposed to mention race. Just come out, admit that some people look different and have different cultural backgrounds, and try not to think less of them for it if they aren't harming you in any way.
      The racism I find the most annoying is the socially acceptable type. For instance, people on AM radio ranting on about immigrants and how we have to keep them out. This is probably a trend in a lot of countries, but in the US it results in "we don't need no dirty Mexicans, I bet they all want to come over here to take our jobs and not pay taxes and sell drugs." I understand there's a lot of tension around the border because resources are scarce and crime is up, but can we just get it over with and tear the Statue of Liberty down? It's misleading people.
      Next up we have Muslims, and by that I mean, anyone who looks like they come from the Middle East, including the Christians and Jews. They're all Muslim now. And all Muslims are violent extremists. Even the ones that live here in the US.

      So in a way, things that should be socially acceptable aren't, and things that absolutely shouldn't be okay are encouraged.
    4. deepdoop

      deepdoop New Chatter

      Or the sweet sweet "but" of a Butler. I had to pay you back for your terrible joke in that porn thread.

      But I get what you're saying about the buts. In the examples you gave race shouldn't even be acknowledged. There's no point to it. But it is okay to be like, "Oh it's the black guy over there," and I don't mean that like I'm pointing out a criminal.. it's just race is so noticeable that it's easy to mention it in that case. It pisses me off when people think that's racist.

      I hate accepted racism, and I also hate borders. You are well aware of my anarchist background so I don't need to tell that to you. It's true what you say, how often do we have to hear (even in Canada) about stupid dirty Mexicans and stuff. It's really unnecessary.

      I would sit at my aunt and uncles house when I lived in Onterrible (Ontario), and they would go on about "pakis" and Asians so bad because the city I lived in had them. I wouldn't say anything because I was at their house but it was really frustrating.

      However, the media is also to blame for racism. I want an honest answer to this, especially since you're American. But anybody else can answer this. When 9/11 happened, the witch hunt for people from the Middle East was on, and they all became terrorists in the collective conscience... assuming you (Butler and anybody reading this) has been on a plane since, have you seen someone from the Middle East and been scared he's a terrorist, even for a SPLIT SECOND before you realized how stupid that idea was?
    5. Ich Bin Butler

      Ich Bin Butler New Chatter

      I've only been on a plane a couple times in my life, so I can honestly say no. I'm not sure if that is in the realm of possibilities for me, because it IS a huge thing injected into our culture. I'd like to say no, but I guess it doesn't matter if I immediately dismiss the thought.
      Another annoying racist trend: complaining about ATMs and similar services asking what language you want. "In America we speak English...and then when we travel to another country we expect them to understand English." Is it really that inconvenient? Sure, it can be frustrating if you work in a store or anything customer related and someone who doesn't speak English is trying to ask you something, but I wouldn't be angry that they exist. It's just harder to help them. I think everyone in America should take a class in the Native language of the tribe their ancestors displaced or eradicated if they are heard publicly hating on foreigners.

      To get back on track with the real purpose of this thread, though, I think it's wrong not to want to acknowledge the differences between people. Cultural background and diversity is a beautiful thing and trying to imagine an all-encompassing single culture (basically, white people wanting everyone else to be white people) might be as bad as wanting every culture to be isolated within its own borders. We're all connected by things like air travel and the internet. Let's mingle and learn things from each other instead of awkwardly dancing around our differences.