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    Rise In Identity Theft To Rack Up Credit - Could Social Media Be A Factor ?

    madone Mar 25, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      rise in identity theft to rack up credit - could social media be a factor ? 25.03.15

      welcome to my conclusion
      it was easier to catch then chlamydia
      please be under no illusion
      this statement is going on my disgracebook dweepbo critter.
      i will not be smug
      that is pure childish
      when the world got the social bug
      i was left out looking least stylish.
      pure refusal to participate
      this way of life i could not defend
      i am not going to exaggerate
      my poetry is the reason why i don't have a friend.
      when everyone did have glam-er
      and on the internet did profile
      my loneliness was harder then a hammer
      upside down was ones smile.
      now there is fraud
      could "social media" be the cause
      everything they did scam deserves a award
      because internet users had to publish all with no pause.
      look at me please
      i am on £50 000 a year job duty
      here's pics of my detached house and car for a tease
      now all i need is some booty.
      don't worry all will be beneficial
      your fiance won't edit
      i am safe and secure with all financial
      up against my house and car i can get £200 000 credit.
      social media is all take and no give
      me and credit have a ban for eternity
      how on earth did the fraudsters no where i live
      all i give away is awful poetry and my debt is causing anxiety.

      ( http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news...uge-surge-in-identity-fraud-victims-1-7173809 this is a similar story or whats going on. the bigger scam is in the following steps, which i will clearly explain. 1. people post so much online ie name - job - where they live - how much they earn how successful they are - what car they drive etc etc etc then a fraudsters will apply for credit under your name and intercept your post to deal with the communications. (after all they no where you live and all your details and what time you check your post) then then apply for cards and intercept your post and rack up a load of credit running in to 10's of thousands of £££££. you are then left with the bill. is telling the world so much about yourself really worth all what it has been cracked up to be? i am blaming this social media frenzy. or is writing real bad poetry a crime in itself and i am leaving a trail even clearer then a credit card ? and my debt will catch up with me in years to come ? love to hear some views - and if you can write a poem reply that make my eyes water - well i will be forced to give you credit. if you wanted some tips on how to protect yourself or report this if you feel you are a victim you can find out a bit more on this website http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ne...fuelling-card-fraud-and-identity-theft-sept14 or better still if you wanted to petition all the silly people that give personal info away please add you name to my petition which can be found here https://www.change.org/p/3140291/preview )