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    Rumours about more riots to take place

    Shortie861 Aug 10, 2011

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I am hearing from people I know in London that there are rumours of BBM (Blackberry Messages) going round about youths meeting up between 4 & 5pm in Waltham Cross and Cheshunt in London to get their own back on the public who fought back against the yobs last night to protect their communities. The rumour going around is that they will be targeting homes rather than businesses this time to show the public they will not tolerate their interference and that they can not be stopped.

      This is only rumours at the moment though but I do have a funny feeling more violence is going to happen tonight, it's going to take ALOT to stop these now.
    2. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      Rubbish,they can be stopped they are not invincible.

      Rioters Turned up on Soho Road last night to find they were out numbered by approx 20-1 by Asians and Whites who were out to protect the businesses on the road.
    3. shopy99

      shopy99 New Chatter

      this is getting out of control, they need to be stopped the police can speek with themobile service provider to stop sending those messages.
    4. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Apparently they have already been contacted but as of yet it seems that they have not turned the Blackberry Messaging off, would have thought by now they would have done.

      I agree with you there APS it's all tough words coming from them if it is true, they like to think they have the power hence the way with words and at the moment after all the damage caused they probably do feel like they have the power and don't like the fact that the communities are now getting in their way.
    5. Fluffybunny

      Fluffybunny New Chatter

      Getting a bit sick of these stupid riots. Why can people not get along? People are worse in London than how people act on the Internet.
    6. dn31

      dn31 Super Moderator Staff Member

      WARNING MORE RIOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      There's been a fight in the Biscuit tin.

      A lad called ROCKY hit a PENGUIN over the head with a CLUB,tied him to a WAGONWHEEL with a BLUE RIBBON and made his BREAKAWAY in a TAXI.

      Police say ROCKY was last seen just AFTER EIGHT with a GINGER NUT as an accomplice,only known to the police as RICH T.

      They didn't find a crumb of evidence,so it looks like the JAMMIE DODGER got away with it!!!!
    7. steel bat

      steel bat Chat Addict

      Even though magistates courts are working extra hours to process those arrested, they are refering them to crown court for sentencing and meanwhile bailing culprits.
      To my mind,that process is in itself too long winded and magistrates should be granted special powers for sentencing in these cases.
      IMO the biggest deterent to further riots is when yobos have already seen some of their thug mates go down for - not months - years.