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    1. Rachel

      Rachel Quiet Chatter

      All my favorite shows are getting cancelled or are ending.... Breakout kings Believe and Sons of Anarchy is on its 7th and final season
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I know this feeling only two well. Remember when it happened with a TV show I used to watched called Lie to Me. Was a great TV show and I personally feel it still had a lot of potential but it was cancelled without warning due to 'lack of viewers' which was a shame.

      I now only really pay attention to 3 TV shows full on at the moment and that is Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and The Walking Dead and so far these have not been cancelled however I do worry when the time comes for an announcement of new seasons. Luckily with The Walking Dead it's been renewed for another season already so I just have to wait to see if Chicago Fire and PD will get renewed for a 3rd and 4th season :)
    3. lludawg

      lludawg New Chatter

      Maybe there will be a sequel? When Breaking Bad ended, I thought that was it. However, I recently heard that they are making a sequel! Anyone know more about this?
    4. Maddie

      Maddie Quiet Chatter

      I don't watch that much tv (I have very little time to watch it, normally). I would be sad if they cancelled the shows that I watch because there isn't that many that I get to enjoy.
    5. Rachel

      Rachel Quiet Chatter


      I LOVE LOVE Chicago Fire/PD walking dead.....not so much
      Shortie861 likes this.
    6. Rachel

      Rachel Quiet Chatter

      if you get the chance Maddie watchs Sons of Anarchy