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    Should We Ban April Fools Day Petition ?

    madone Apr 1, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      should we ban April fools day petition ? 01.04.15

      the sun is up and has risen
      lining the sky that is blue
      a beautiful day won't soften
      i will spill the beans and be true.
      by the end i will be sitting swank
      last year your time i stole
      if only your memory i could blank
      because this year i want to steal your sole.
      please don't surrender
      let me build a case
      you can reply and return to sender
      if you enjoy the chase.
      how is this going to finish
      i will have to take responsibility
      the brain did crumble and diminish
      that's why solely i can not accept liability.
      i no you are getting nervous
      thinking what the hell am i reading
      trust me that my whole is enormous
      i need my heart filled or its for ever bleeding.
      will you commit
      a bit similar to a wife
      i am going to rub you better then any cl it
      this is more then once a day for life.
      you have to do my washing and ironing
      my palace has to be spotless and smell good
      there will be no whining or moaning
      and pure silence when starts the "big brother hood".
      please place below your application
      trust me life is going to be cool
      the forum members below gave me satisfaction
      for once in my life 01.04.15 i am not the fool.


      Attached Files:

    2. Black Angel

      Black Angel New Chatter

      No.. but after what I did on my forum last night, I wouldn't be surprised if that petition had a few signatures..

      LOL.. I might just kick it here today.. lol
    3. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      tell me more - i need a good laugh ?
    4. TiggyDoolittle

      TiggyDoolittle Resident Weirdo

      Nah its sometimes fun to catch people out. The only ones Ihate are people saying their pregnant then going haha april fools. A lot of couples struggle to get pregnant & this really upsets them
    5. Black Angel

      Black Angel New Chatter

      I agree, TD, that is the one thing I don't really like, jokes or pranks about something serious, or that can result in someone getting hurt.. I actually think that it's kind of cruel, but that's just me..

      Well, it all started when I mentioned that I had just converted the last of the skins we used on the old forum, which was on IPB, over to the new forum's software, which is on MyBB. And my co-admin mentioned that it must've been a night for new skins, because he had just released his.

      So, I went over to his forum, and was pranked when I saw that he made his forum look like another forum we are a part of, and he posted a notice on his forum saying that he and the other forum had merged.

      Now, normally, I am usually aware of April Fools, but this time I sort of forgot about it since I am still busy with setting up my new forum even though it is now a year since we left IPB. I mean, it has been exactly a year, and I still haven't fixed my rules, FAQ and help topics, they are still in raw HTML from the conversion and so, it is embarrassing when you see guests reading the "Why you should join" topic, only to see an unformatted post in HTML.

      Anyway, so he actually managed to prank me, and I congratulated him.

      His mentioning a new skin gave me the idea to recreate the very first skin I had ever made, for my first forum on Proboards, so I decided to make a MyBB version of the Proboards skin I used on my first forum 10 years ago.

      I didn't initially do it as a prank, but as sort of a throwback or a nod to the first forum I have ever made.. and i didn't decide to make it one until I thought about how good my admin got me, so, after having recreated the skin, I downloaded a ringtone for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" or, if you're familiar with memes, the "Rick Roll Song" and I made a hidden embed for the file to play as soon as someone lands on the page.

      I originally set it to loop, but that attribute didnt work, and when I saw that it restarted whenever you clicked the link, I decided that it really wasn't necessary.

      Anyway, after I set that up, I made it the default skin, and I set it to be the skin that everyone was using. I also posted a happy April Fool's greeting with a smiley in the skin (just in case someone might've forgotten like I did) and topic about the skin, with a link to a live preview of the old Proboards forum from 2004 using the same skin.

      So, if anyone visited my forum today, they would see the very first skin I made 10 years ago, and also be rick rolled at the same time.

      Unless of course, you visited using Tapatalk, in that case, Tapatalk users would just see the topic I made about the prank, and know what was going on that way..

      My members got a good laugh and they thanked me for not disabling the skin changer.. lol

      I mean, I'm not evil, but I am kind of annoyed that I didn't think of it sooner.. oh well, there's always next year right?

      Anyway, the skin will stay in the changer, for nostalgic purposes, but I'll reinstate the default skin, and at around 8 PM EDT, I will remove the music.
      Last edited: Apr 1, 2015