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    Sony suspends 93,000 accounts after new hacking attempt

    Shortie861 Oct 12, 2011

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      So many people tell me that Playstation is reliable and it's alot better than say Xbox because you don't have to pay for online and their console is more reliable. This has happened one to many times now and even though this time it was only a hacking attempt that affected the accounts it's still and attempt and one that puts me off Sony Playstation.

      Source: Digital Spy

      What are your thoughts on the most recent hacking attempt?
    2. Samy2576

      Samy2576 New Chatter

      I totally disagree. Playstation is the worst, I would never use it. I have xbox live and it is great, I don't mind paying because I'm getting more- including safety. I can't believe all the issues they have been having. It's ruining their rep.
    3. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Couldn't agree more, so many people put Xbox Live down because you have to pay for their online however paying for it means you get better connection and also their servers are more secure.

      It really isn't looking good for Sony at the moment, this may not have been as bad as the last but the fact that there was an attempt shows that their is still some security problems.
    4. Cqinzx

      Cqinzx New Chatter

      Playstatioin is alright, but I think Xbox is way superior over it. I feel indifferent about the hackings. Anonymous has a lot of power and can hack Xbox Live just as they did with PSN.
    5. Beverly

      Beverly Getting There

      My best friend online just bought an Xbox 360 and now he wants me to buy one too so we can game together online. I like spending time with him gaming, so a 360 (and Xbox live subscription) will most likely be what i get for Christmas. :)
    6. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Sounds good Beverly :) I have been on Xbox Live now for just over 3 years and I love it :) so much fun and if you have plenty of friends on there to game with the fun never ends.
    7. Ikram45

      Ikram45 Getting There

      I think you get what you pay for in XBL. Few months ago, PSN was also hacked by some anonymous hackers.
    8. RJH

      RJH Getting There

      Thankfully this will never effect me as I dont play games online and never will.