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    Special Dates?

    Smokey Sep 6, 2016

    1. Smokey

      Smokey Shortie's Teddy Bear <3 Staff Member

      Do you tend to remember special dates in your relationship? :)

      I remember most :D I have a bad memory but i tend to remember dates or around the date and know what it is :D

      For example, me and Nikki's anniversary is September 19th, 2014. :D

      We met in September of 2009 (Neither of us are sure of the exact date but Nikki believes it was around the 19th :D)

      Kids birthdays February 8th, May 30th, Oct 14th and December 28th, (Pretty sure these were right maybe give or take a day :p)

      Nikki's birthday of course is May 13th, so yeah, I tend to be pretty good at remembering important dates in my relationship, do you? :D Does your partner get upset if you forget a certain thing like an anniversary?
      Shortie861 likes this.
    2. steel bat

      steel bat Chat Addict

      Ann and I got married on my birthday so's I'd never forget our anniversary.

      So like this year we went on holiday during that week .. and guess what numpty left the card behind.
      Shortie861 likes this.
    3. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      I know marriage date, Wife's,Son's,Grand children's & Great Granddaughters birthdays.
      Even know my own :)
      Shortie861 likes this.