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    St Anne's Church Highgate - Free Lunch - A Invitation And A Warm Welcome From "jesus"

    madone Mar 18, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      St Anne's church Highgate - free lunch - a invitation and a warm welcome from "Jesus" 18.03.15

      walking home and i had a tingle
      on a hill that is steep
      on a white board translated was mingle
      i instantly thought of "Maureen" and "118" and cheap.
      but to the "Lord" i am no sinner
      and in me the feelings did provoke
      "St Anne's Church" is the winner
      the good gesture and my heart nearly broke.
      for as little as a few pound coins
      a excellent meal and company
      this is where "Highgate" joins
      not all residents are home owners feeding off the economy.
      its not all about affordability
      that's bad enough if only
      one other fantastic facility
      is a place to meet for the lonely.
      people are set in there way
      it may appear to be strange and odd
      the "Church" is not all about the "prey"
      so sitting with strangers and eating will make smile "God".
      i have walked the earth for a free lunch
      been to "Mars" "Jupiter" and "Venus"
      at "St Anne's" on "Highgate west hill" is one tasty crunch
      please join us and be assured looking over your meal is Jesus.

      ( i often go in this church to prey and it is glorious, its almost as nice as the free lunch that's on offer to everyone every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 midday to 1pm. as my pal Jesus has looked after me many of times, i thought it would be nice nice to spread his word and love. if you want to visit this church for a glorious great design or to say a few prayers for someone in need or for somewhere quiet and peaceful to sit for how ever long you need please feel welcome. between 12 midday and 1pm on Tuesday and Wednesday you can also join us for a great lunch that is even cheaper then Maureen from the 118 advert. i will not say no more and leave you with a link to the website of the church so you can see where it is and take down the address which is located in the bottom right of the website. http://www.saintanneshighgate.co.uk/ or to hear and see it whatch this )