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    Taking An iPad Over Getting Laid

    APS Apr 18, 2012

    1. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      Redmond Pie

      I'm in the other 90%
    2. Grungie

      Grungie Raging Alcoholic

      I must be in the 90% too. Those men must have been brainwashed by Steve Jobs in the Church of Apple.
    3. Dirty Harold

      Dirty Harold Bringin' Secsy Back

      I'm also in the remainder 90%. I can see how 10% of men could be this way. With so much technology advancing so very fast, young men who didn't live in the time of reading books and going bowling with friends before Windows, xBox LIVE or Playboy Channel, they began to view a section of their lives as the "Internet life" which encompasses their community and friends on the web. Many of these guys saw their life as nothing but internet and Apple computers. The Apple iPad is what these men can see as a gateway to pure, geeky holiness and they become so attached that they think, "Hey! I can have sex with this lady! But damn, it'll only last for a little while. OH! Wait! I can sit on my a** all day with this Apple iPad infinitely! Ah sweet delight, I can play Angry Birds for an unusually unhealthy amount of time, perhaps until my eyes run out of oxygen and I go blind." It lasts longer than sex, yes, but I rather would be horny than nerdy.
    4. Grungie

      Grungie Raging Alcoholic

      Wait, who watches the Playboy Channel? Isn't that pay per view?