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    The 12 May - Its A Ticking Time Bomb

    madone May 4, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      the 12 may - its a ticking time bomb 04.05.15

      we all no its due
      it is well publicized
      with out it we are on curfew
      the emptiness has to be criticized.
      today i was wife hunting
      got distracted by a link
      my pencil had instant blunting
      the explosion put everywhere ink.
      so what was the ignition
      what has left a mark
      hopefully whats on its way is a great edition
      introduced and presented by emma willis and rylan clarke.
      time bomb seems very volatile
      or is it to amuse
      this series is not going to clog like bile
      ch5 past mistakes are clear and no longer confuse.
      we are going to get fun and laughter
      all night tasks will take heed
      poems won't live on after
      when i am gone big brother poetry will recede.
      tasks of eating to gorge
      then a day of starvation
      we need on a loop songs by queen or george
      24 hour constant irritation.
      do we need to intervene
      only if silence is bliss
      be outrageous and obnoxious and extreme
      please make this big brother something no one should miss.
      at the end it will irrupt
      its not sickening
      BB is back and not corrupt
      maybe it is due to the time bomb ticking.

      ( what i want to no is ? do you think we can ever stop the time bomb ticking ? has bb got a fuse and should we put it out ? you can change this here https://www.change.org/p/big-brother...th-a-explosion )

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