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    The Best Hospital In The World (royal Free) And A Proposal

    madone Mar 27, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      anna cross marry me as our baby is the royal free 27.03.15

      first and foremost is a spanner
      but i will tighten
      my declaration of love is to anna
      over us both the R3 did brighten.
      you are in the military
      i have been in the same battle
      but my war was voluntary
      thankfully the lord directed this lost cattle.
      anna i hope you agree
      we were looked after by the cream
      the best ever hospital is the royal free
      from x-ray departments to wards and clinics to the I.T.U team.
      will our near death bond
      what will be our attraction
      your beautiful face leaves me needing a wand
      fund raising for the R3 will be our return action.
      from my eyes you will be the apple
      so let me take you to the ground and lower
      i want to marry you in the best ever chapel
      our palace will extend and be Europe's best research grower.
      my proposal can not get any more gloss
      the royal free looked after us like treasure
      thank you so much for saving me and anna cross
      everyone at the royal free hospital your dedication no one can measure.

      ( not only did the royal free hospital save my life on more then a dozen times, it has also saved this beautiful young lady anna. it is truly a amazing hospital infarct the best there is. i prey and hope anna comes across my joke proposal online and it makes her smile and i also hope everyone who works in the royal free hospital understands how much we appreciate all what they do as it is not measurable, as i say in my poem. if you would like to add your 10 cents or wish anna a nice message you can add here and if you would like to suggest to anna she should marry me you can add your name here -https://www.change.org/p/anna-cross-...t_created=true )