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    The Voice Uk

    Shortie861 Apr 13, 2013

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Has anyone been watching this these past few weeks? I have and I am really looking forward to this weeks aswell. I have two favourites already they are

      Mike Ward
      Emma Jade Garbutt

      both of these sang Country and I really feel like they have what it takes to do well and also bring something back that this Country is lacking in. I am a big fan of Country music so I will be following these two during this season :)

      Do you have any favourites yet?
    2. Kaynil

      Kaynil Quiet Chatter

      I watched the Australian version, one episode, they were selecting. Ricky Martin was there. That was unexpected.

      Anyway, many of the contestant were people that studied or had family in the career or had the resources. I guess I am too used to the 'sympathy pull' they sometimes use with the torn story, haha.
      I also didn't like they let go a 51 year old man that had according to them an unique voice but wasn't what they had in mind to train (aka you're too old for this).

      I hope your girls reach far in the competition. I like country, but I know little. I am not overly fond of it but I also miss the classic beats of old songs and lyrics. :)
      Shortie861 likes this.
    3. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      We get that alot where someone has such a unique voice and nobody turns, it's so annoying! They always tell them to go away, practice on their breathing techniques and come back again, what is to say they will?

      I will admit we have had one or two come back and when they have done they have taken the advice and then gone through which is great to see but you can guarantee there will be some that just will not come back.