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    To My Ex

    Naiwen Aug 18, 2013

    1. Naiwen

      Naiwen Chat Addict

      Jul 12, 2011
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      So yeah, this is how I imagined the guy would feel or be after a close relationship with his girlfriend. (Happened to my male teacher who couldn't teach as well as before who broke up with his Chinese girlfriend after the proposal). He asked me many questions. I felt so awkward because I had no answer to them. Very heart-breakening too, to see a man so weak.

      Oh why? Why aren't you here with me anymore?
      Don't you see, or can't you see, how much I'm missing you?
      Why can't be with me anymore?
      Why can't I love you anymore?
      Please tell me why? What I need to say sorry for
      Because I don't know what I did to wrong you.
      Why aren't you answering my calls?!
      I'm calling you everyday, no answer from you!
      Why? Do I deserve no happiness & no love?
      I want to be with you,
      Yet you're telling me I can't.
      Why can't I?
      I am so unworthy of you?
      Am I not good enough for you?
      Please tell me why I can't?
      What do I lack to be your husband?
      What do I lack to be your only one, your child's dad?
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