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    Claraviolet Jan 31, 2015

    1. Claraviolet

      Claraviolet New Chatter

      There are so many softwares, that can translate one language to another.

      One good example is google translate. It's a free service and you don't have to download anything to use this service. Still, it isn't "perfect". We can use that to some extent, but we can't expect "quality" from this service. So, the same applies to people too. They might know some stuff and they might not know some stuff.

      Now, who do you prefer?
    2. NecroWolf

      NecroWolf Shy Chatter

      Considering it's impossible to get an exact translation from one language to the next and get it perfect, I think Google does pretty good and you can even pull up how it was done and suggest improvements. It wil even give you alternate translations in case it totally makes no sense.

      There are pronouns in Japanese for example that just do not exist in English, not to mention honorifics English just doesn't have equivalent words for. The reverse is likely true as well. And it's the same in any two languages really. I would hate to be a translator for a career that's for sure.
    3. The Dark Archer

      The Dark Archer New Chatter

      Google Translate is awful, sometimes. But it's okay.
    4. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I tend to use Google myself more than anything else. I know it isn't perfect however it's pretty accurate for what I use it for if I ever use it :)