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    Upgrade vBulletin

    sdavis2702 Aug 7, 2011

    1. sdavis2702

      sdavis2702 Guest

      Have you considered jumping onboard to vBulletin 4? I currently run a forum running vBulletin Suite (additional blog and CMS) 4.1.5. I absolutely love it.

      When I started with forums, I was on vB 3.6. I upgraded through the 3s all the way to vB 4.0. IT SUCKED! I had so many issues. I left forums for about a year and came back. When I came back, all the issues had been worked out and I was on 4.1.4.

      Have you considered upgrading?
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Mar 24, 2011
      Likes Received:
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      I did with a previous forum I had and never really liked vBulletin 4 myself hence the reason I have decided to stick with vBulletin 3 this time :) many have said that they do like vBulletin 4 but I myself never liked the layout of the forum and always much preferred vBulletin 3 layout.
    3. sdavis2702

      sdavis2702 Guest

      What are the main differences that bother you the most? If it's strictly a template issue, I have seen a few newer vB sites that mimic the 3.x ones.

      It's definitely something to consider as many security issues have been fixed with 4.x.

      It would definitely take a lot of work for you to make the switch and maintain full functionality, though. So it might be easier just to stick with what you have.

      Just a suggestion, though!