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    Using computer during a storm

    Shortie861 Jun 22, 2012

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Mar 24, 2011
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      Do you still use your PC during a storm or are you someone who will leave it running and use it as normal regardless of the storm outside?

      I myself if I feel that the storm is pretty bad will turn my PC off and flick all switches off at the mains. I remember once my auntie telling me a good while back now when we had a storm that lightning hit and next thing her computer went off and wouldn't turn back on. She has never risked it in a storm again.
    2. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      Jun 24, 2011
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      I used to turn the TV off in the days of a roof top aerial but never switch the PC off.
      Don't switch TV off now seeing as it's cable TV :)
    3. Hotspot

      Hotspot Quiet Chatter

      Jun 24, 2012
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      I always make sure to unplug my laptop charger; unfortunately my laptop's battery only works for a few minutes. So if I have to unplug it, I shut it off right away.
      I would not want to risk my laptop or any computer; my grandma actually had her computer broken because lightning hit her building while she was on it and it never worked again!