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    Social Networking Viruses on Facebook

    Shortie861 Nov 20, 2011

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      What are your thoughts on the viruses going around Facebook?

      Many people have encountered problems from viruses on Facebook where vulgar images have been appearing on their news feed.

      I myself haven't yet been tagged or had a link posted on my wall however I saw one yesterday because a friend had been tagged which was very vulgar.
    2. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      I got a post of a video which was supposedly posted by my Grandson so I just asked him if he had,the answer was no,so I just left it alone.
    3. RJH

      RJH Getting There

      Never got one but then I don't click ads, games etc
    4. Naiwen

      Naiwen Chat Addict

      no, don't use it often. Don't browse images that's it. Shortie.
    5. zararina

      zararina Chat Addict

      I also have not got one and most probably because I am also not clicking adverts and any links specially those suspicious links.
      Been seeing many wall posts of friends with such vulgar content and know that it was against their will.
    6. Marc

      Marc Crazy Dave FTW!

      That's why when I used FaceBook, I never really went to external sources..
      Anyway, I don't use FaceBook anymore, so I don't really have anything to worry about, lol.

      In general, I don't know why people waste their lives just to create viruses to infect someone's PC. They can do sooo much more with their lives... :(
    7. zuinag

      zuinag New Chatter

      If your talking about the porn virus then I'm quite surprised hackers have not been able to do something like that before. Facebook seems pretty secure.
    8. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I agree Marc, the way I see it is, if that is all you really have to go on in your life then you have pretty much failed already, I personally don't see the fascination of infecting people with viruses on computers :doh:

      I do agree it did take them a while to be able to do these kind of things. I personally feel it is alot to do with the changes they have made. They have opened up so much now that you can even be found on Google with your actual name which doesn't sound too safe to me. I agree that he wants to make Facebook better but some of the settings he has changed I think may have opened it up too much.