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    Weather - Europe - Unwelcome Immigration

    madone Mar 19, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      weather - Europe - unwelcome immigration 19.03.15

      it is now flocking
      i will be plain and blunt
      nothing has no blocking
      we can not control this weather front.
      it does not matter if you are gullible
      this is not at the root
      so even if you recycle the unused vegetable
      on us the weather man won't salute.
      the world is not our oyster
      don't believe them silly articles
      quick hurry there is no time to loiter
      cover your mouth and nose because vicious are them particles.
      the UK sky's are murky
      it is getting like one stinking vagina
      Sheffield could do with some mercy
      how about a wind machine to blow it all back to China.
      my words you can flush
      skip them or straight down the bog
      this immigration is here and sitting plush
      learn to live with smog.
      how is it going to resolve
      hit me back with some poetry communication
      can asthma bronchitis we solve
      or is this "weather" from Europe one bad immigration.

    2. steel bat

      steel bat Chat Addict

      Aug 12, 2011
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      In Hospitals, Housing and Schools,
      Immigration is pushing our services to the limit.
      We need more border controls,
      And help any who wish to go home, repatriate.

      I don't think anyone can deny that in certain parts of the country immigration, especially in towns that have had large and sudden influxes from Eastern Europe, there has been a strain in local services and sometimes causing friction. The difficulty is that when it comes to putting any effective measures in place there will be an automatic response from the far left in cries of "racism".
      Not that the European Union (while we are still in it) would ever let us set any limits anyway.