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    What are your thoughts on Linux?

    wjack2010 Jul 22, 2011

    1. wjack2010

      wjack2010 Chat Addict

      Please share what you think about the Linux operating system, by replying to this thread below.

      My thoughts on Linux are that it is mainly built for servers, I would not want to run it for personal use other than server use, it just does not have the features like Windows does. Linux is only good for servers so that it runs fast and processors thousands of requests quickly and efficiently.
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Never used Linux myself however I know people that have any they love it, prefer it to Windows due to how fast it is, the only downfall they have with it, is some programs are not compatible from what I understand.
    3. wjack2010

      wjack2010 Chat Addict

      Okay, I think we need to get a few things straight:
      1) It was built for servers
      2) The boot speed is extremely SLOW especially on Ubuntu.
      3) Over HALF of the programs are NOT compatible.
    4. nolvorite

      nolvorite New Chatter

      its kind of underrated to be honest.
    5. TheMightyEddy

      TheMightyEddy New Chatter

      It's probably the best OS for servers.
    6. HAL WARD

      HAL WARD Getting There

      Linux has one weakness which is program compatibility, you are limited to what you can run, not what you can actually do. There are cross over programs that attempt to let you run some windows software but not everything works as it was supposed to. The windows vendors and software makers are protective of their works and in a lot of cases they cannot release the source code so it can be converted, they would be susceptible to a lot of code piracy. Even hardware vendors as a rule don't release their own code which you must have to cross over to Linux. So you're stuck with windows or a Mac if you want to do anything worthwhile. It is not hard to use Linux and it is the most documented operating system around. For general use like using the internet and email and normal things it is fine and actually safer from an anti virus stand point, but you do have to sit and learn a bit about how to use it even if you have a desk top graphical environment you still need to learn how to manipulate files, once you learn how to do that it's pretty good. I prefer Debian and used it a lot running my own servers but it ends there because all my software is windows based and although a lot of new programs are being ported to Linux it will never have the following that windows does, let's face it , people are lazy and do things the easy way.