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    What are your thoughts on Windows 7?

    wjack2010 Jul 22, 2011

    1. wjack2010

      wjack2010 Chat Addict

      Please reply below, and share your thoughts on the Microsoft Windows 7 (Seven) operating system.

      I quite like Windows 7, it is my all time favourite operating system and I would NEVER use any other operating system that Microsoft did not create Linux for example. Windows 7 can handle all the programs I run smoothly and all the programs I have open at the same time smoothly, whilst also booting at greatly improved speeds compared to past operating systems.
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I really like Windows 7 myself :) love the whole layout and how much easier it has become to use, there is so much you can do now also to customize the look and feel to suit your own tastes which I love aswell.
    3. wjack2010

      wjack2010 Chat Addict

      That's true, it is much easier to customise compared to any other operating system and has the features built with speed just the way you want them and a lot more shortcut options to make your computing life much easier than it does with previous operating systems.
    4. TheMightyEddy

      TheMightyEddy New Chatter

      It's the best OS for home use and stuff but NOT for servers unless you are going to run ASP.
    5. sdavis2702

      sdavis2702 Guest

      I really like Windows 7 but it only serves a specific purpose, if you ask me. For my everyday computer needs, it's awesome. I remember being on Vista wishing that certain things about it were different. When 7 came out, I thought my dreams had come true lol.

      I've played around with Linux and I really like it. But on a more technical note, I like my server companies to run Linux (I build websites).
    6. shopy99

      shopy99 New Chatter

      i love it, it's very easy to use and understand i hope that with the 8 things will stay the same, if not i'm going to stick with windows 7.
    7. roxfan003

      roxfan003 Shy Chatter

      I love it, especially the snapping feature. This summer I've been using an older computer at my internship and it only has Windows XP. It drives me crazy!