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    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    Shortie861 Dec 26, 2015

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      What presents did you unwrap this Christmas?

      I never get too much myself as we always make it for the kids as I feel that is what it should be about. This year I got some money from my brother, a bag and Charlie deodorant set from my Mum and Dad, a new Lenovo Tablet from my boyfriend and a foot spa set.
    2. Pat

      Pat Chat Addict

      Slippers and Baileys from my son.
      Soaps and scarf from a friend
      Money from Pete
      Money from my Dad
      Voucher for M&S from my daughter.
      So I shall be hitting the sales next week
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    3. Maroon Caludin

      Maroon Caludin Chataholic

      Dragon Ball Goku figure from my brother
      Fairy with roses figurine, Beauty and the Beast Bell ornament, Sisters chick ornament, and back up charger from my sister
      $20 and card from my aunt

      Our parents still give us the gifts from 'Santa' so I tend to get a bit spoiled with gifts. XD Anyway, from them:
      Super Sailor Moon figure
      Water fountain
      My Little Pony Power Pony figure set
      Crystal pendulum with Angel
      Ear buds
      2 pairs of socks
      Rose ring
      Rose necklace
      Elves Lego set
      Lego Dimensions
      Candy and a giant orange
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