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    Garden What do you plant in your garden?

    Shortie861 Jul 26, 2011

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      What kind of things do you have planted in your garden?

      My garden is a concrete garden so we unfortunately can't plant anything at the moment however we have Rosemary and Lavender growing in pots in the garden.
    2. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member


      No mine has a lawn but the borders I covered with bark.
    3. fiona1964

      fiona1964 Chataholic

      My garden is covered in stones so I have pots every where with plaints in them
    4. Naiwen

      Naiwen Chat Addict

      We plant tomatoes, and other flowers I can't name.
    5. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      At the moment we are unable to plant anything in our garden to be honest as we have a concrete garden however we have rosemary and lavendar in plant pots in the garden that we keep.
    6. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      I don't plant anything,have a lawn then a border runs up the 1 side of the path.
      I've laid a membrane and covered it in Bark.
      Hate gardening :)
    7. zararina

      zararina Chat Addict

      We just have plants on pots since no space for garden here. We do have ginger, some herbal plants like oregano and maria plant, fortune plant and bougainvillea a flowering plant.
      Some other plants that I could not name also.
    8. KathyRRozier

      KathyRRozier New Chatter

      My garden:

      1. Peas - this is very labor intensive and requires much space, but oh so
      worth it. The taste is much better than you can get in the store. I
      Bush prefers peas because they grow better for me and I can get more
      plants in an area.
      2. Green beans - gives a lot for very little space and manpower. I prefer pole beans
      so you do not have to bend.
      3. Green onions - occupies less space than regular and grow better here.
      You can also use the whole plant instead of the bulb. Freeze
      and while it is added directly to the dish without being allowed
      thaw. I just freeze in a sandwich bag of a c. And the freezing bag.
      5. Strawberries - CAN NOT kill em. If not enough water, the berries
      only be small. I also made into jam.
      6. Rhubarb - I hate the things, but I was here. Grows by itself and
      Out of my way, so I leave and give them away when ready.
      7. Raspberries - I do not like, but my daughters. I also jam
      for them.
      8. Blueberries - planted two summers ago. The plants still alive, but have not
      yet produced.
    9. bharath

      bharath New Chatter

      I am planted some plant during last year and has done some research in them. I had grown chillies in my backyard space. i love to use drip Irrigation but don't have much space. This time I will be planting tomatoes.:wiggle:
    10. bharath

      bharath New Chatter

      If you were growing in pots then you must have more space. I am using to plant in direct soil as we have some space but white flies had destroyed some plants in the last month. Did you ever used drip or sprinkler irrigation for your potted plants?