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    What do you think to Chat Addicts?

    Shortie861 Jul 28, 2011


    Your thoughts on Chat Addicts

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    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Mar 24, 2011
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      Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has helped us get as far as we have today :) we opened on 24th June 2011 and within just over a month we have gained

      70 members, 2,247 posts and 450 threads which is a great achievment and just yesterday (27.7.11) we reached a huge post count of 173 in one day :party:

      So I thought now may be the time to give members their chance to say what they think about Chat Addicts or if they feel anything could be changed or added or if there is anything they don't like about the forum.

      Your input is greatly appreciated and we hope to hear from you soon :)

      Thanks again all! :D
    2. wjack2010

      wjack2010 Chat Addict

      Jun 29, 2011
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      I don't like the admin lol, Shortie your FIRED! Not really, your a great a admin! And this is a great forum! :)