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    What is it like having a menstrual cycle?

    MiszMariee Jul 23, 2011

    1. MiszMariee

      MiszMariee Chat Addict

      I seem to not be able to avoid answering this question to my friends, my cousins that always visit me during "that time of the month", and everyone else who has never experienced the never ending pain of a menstrual cycle so I am just going to be the first to let everyone know exactly what it's like having a "period". Please don't hesitate to describe your experiences below.

      Allow me to break it down for you.
      You start getting cramps. And not the normal "I just ran a mile" cramp.
      It's the "THE HOLY CRAP RIP OUT MY UTERUS AND THEN SHOOT ME UNTIL I NO LONGER FLINCH" cramps. You also get period pimples and back pain. It's not the worse back pain ever but it is uncomfortable and not fun to fall asleep with.

      And blood also POURS out of your vagina and I'm not exaggerating when I say POUR. You stand up and Niagra Falls comes out of the "supposedly" pleasure hole (VAGINA) below your relatively smaller hole called your belly button.


      You also have to deal with the fear that everyone will see said "Niagra Falls" because it soaked through your pants so to avoid this from happening, you either have to wear a diaper type pad thingy or shove some "baby" pole (tampon) up your vagina and leave it in there for hours. It doesn't feel good either, quite the opposite and you still get the fear that comes along with it as well. TO TOP IT ALL OFF, you are somehow ANGRY, HORNY,DEPRESSED, HUNGRY and in EXTREME PAIN all at the same time.

      And when you're on your period, it's the anger and constant pain and cravings of sugary treats that make you want to stab anyone that comes into contact with you. And again you're horny, HORNY. And since there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, you want to either die or eat everything in sight. And we have to do this for a WEEK STRAIGHT, EVERY SINGLE MONTH of the year. Is that a good enough explanation for people?
    2. clauemi

      clauemi Quiet Chatter

      LOL excellent explanation.

      For me cramps pains are not horrible, it's just the fact that they won't let you get comfortable to go to sleep or go out or do anything else basically.
    3. Nissapower

      Nissapower Shy Chatter

      Do you girls have PMS? Does it affect you a lot?
      It does affect me because my girlfriend has PMS every month. It is unbearable because she gets upset so easily and I have no clue of what I did! :/
      Like the other day she was upset at me and I didn't know why! I am so puzzled. :(
    4. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      That will be the hormones :) I get like that during PMS myself and nobody ever knows what they did wrong lol and usually there is no explanation for my tears or even my anger.
    5. zararina

      zararina Chat Addict

      I sometimes have so painful menstrual cycle that includes headache, nausea and stomach cramps. Sometimes my mood swings so easily and i feel less energized or lazy in doing things. I hate the "occasional" pimples i am having in my back as part of pms that will be gone after 3 or more days. ;)
    6. fiona1964

      fiona1964 Chataholic

      I must not be normal I sailed through my periods not pain or cramps
      yes I wanted sugary foods and they only lasted 3 days
      But now I dont get them at all I had a hysterectomy a few years ago for medcal reasons