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    Worst day of the week

    Shortie861 Oct 18, 2011

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      What would you say is your worst day of the week?

      Mine would have to be Sunday, it's probably the most boring day ever I have found unless you have something planned to take that boredom away. Usually only sports or repeats on the TV and not many places open to go to, also it's the last day of the weekend which means the next day is back to normal duties and everyone hates mondays :D
    2. Ghost Smoke

      Ghost Smoke Like A Boss

      I love Sundays Shorty! I love football, I hate Sundays though when no football is on. My lease liked day of the week is definiatly Monday!
    3. Ikram45

      Ikram45 Getting There

      Monday because I don't like going to school on the first day of the week :runaway:
    4. Beverly

      Beverly Getting There

      I work online seven days a week, so no day should be boring for me, but surprisingly there are boring lulls in my week. Sometimes, it's just the mood i'm in that makes me feel bored. And, when i'm that way, you'd think i could just hop online and find entertainment or go to netflix and get find something there, but i get all obstinate and sit around and wallow in my patheticness. LOL!
    5. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      :lol: yeah I think most guys love Sunday's when football is on. For me though if it is a team I don't mind watching it is not so bad but usually it's teams that don't so I kind of end up stuck

      :lol: yes Monday's really are a pain. You have all that weekend where you have been able to sleep in and relax and then your pushed straight back into work or school on Monday bright and early even before your ready to.

      :lol: I do that aswell, I have days where I just can't be bothered and end up feeling a little bored but instead of maybe watching something that I have recorded or seeing what is on the TV I will just sit around and do nothing lol, doesn't really help though to be honest but hey if I am in a bad mood I will be that way
    6. Beverly

      Beverly Getting There

      It's just my way. Maybe i am punishing myself. I don't know what for. I don't feel guilty of anything. Not that i am perfect, not by far. :)

      Or, maybe this is just my body/mind way of unplugging, forcing me to disconnect from all those electrical impulses. On days like that, even when i try to watch TV, i feel VERY dissatisfied.

      Most times, i can actually cure that malaise by spending time with my daughter.

      She is heavy into online gaming, Minecraft, Runescape, Steam, etc. and so devotes a good chunk of her time to that.

      And, it limits the time she wants to spend with me.

      So i just insert myself into the gaming situation and we game together.

      That's how i cured the last batch of terminal boredom.

      Still i like gaming with my adult friends. That's always a boredom buster. And, considering i don't live anywhere near them, we can all get our fill of friendship and then retire to respective abodes without loose ends.

    7. StrongBiker

      StrongBiker New Chatter

      I guess that will be Monday because everything starts on Monday like schools, offices and classes and I surely hate that day.
    8. iPhonefreak

      iPhonefreak New Chatter

      I despise Fridays. Friday is the last day of the week and i love school!
    9. roxfan003

      roxfan003 Shy Chatter

      I don't really like Mondays or Tuesdays. Class-wise they're my busiest days and usually they just wear me out, especially Tuesdays. Plus, you have to get up early again on Monday after a weekend.
    10. Dirty Harold

      Dirty Harold Bringin' Secsy Back

      Eh, I dislike Sundays. I actually don't mind most days of the week except for this one. Just the thought of kick a** Friday and relaxing Saturday are gone and that a new week is imminent just irritates me.

      As for my favorite day, I'm torn between Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday is the weekly day that I wear my US Air Force ROTC uniform, which I absolutely love doing. As for Friday, I kick back and hang out.
    11. RJH

      RJH Getting There

      Wednesday as it's the middle of the week
    12. Cecil15

      Cecil15 I am Me...

      On the contrary, I don't hate Sundays 'cause for me it is a good day to relax and rest a bit from the week's hard work. What I hate are Thursdays because it's my laundry day. When I say laundry, it means tons and tons of laundry! :doh: It is the day when I usually busy and feel tired so I dislike it, even though I have to do my tasks.
    13. LucasMom

      LucasMom Quiet Chatter

      My worst day is monday. That's the day I wake up and write out my to do list for the week. It always looks so long and I'm still tired from the weekend I always wonder if I'm going to be able to get everything done. Monday is also grocery day, which means I have to brave the crowds at the supermarket. Add to that the fact that my son doesn't go to preschool on mondays so I have to entertain him as well, by the end of the day I'm exhausted.
    14. ProClerk

      ProClerk New Chatter

      Wednesday because on that day i have so much work to do and that's y I'm so much tired.
    15. Pokemon

      Pokemon Getting There

      Monday because it's the start of a long week of school.
    16. Pat

      Pat Chat Addict

      I find Sundays a long day because I dont go anywhere.
      Shortie861 likes this.
    17. ramtastic05

      ramtastic05 Talkative

      i would say monday is the worst, only because that when i have to go back to school or work,

      although i planned my college semester to have class at 2 pm on mondays so i can sleep in and stuff
      Pokemon likes this.
    18. wendy

      wendy Quiet Chatter

      I dislike fridays, its busy and bills family come over xxx