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    Xbox 720 Specifications apparently leaked online

    Shortie861 Jun 17, 2012

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      You read right :) a document containing details of the specs of the Xbox 720 have allegedly been leaked online.

      According to the document Microsofts next generation console will be called Xbox 720 and will be released in 2013.

      The new console is also rumoured to be featuring Kinect 2.0, 3D Technology and also Xbox TV which has been rumoured for a while.

      Digital Spy
    2. trewqaz

      trewqaz New Chatter

      This may sound a bit odd but I'm not even excited about an xbox 720. Sounds like another reason for my bank account to empty when xbox could simply keep updating the hardware that's already on the market.

      Maybe I'm just being cynical and am alone in this. I guess I'll just have to wait until more details are released before I can get excited. I just don't feel like dropping another half k on a video game console that won't bring me much more than I already have.

      Also, I find nothing appealing in 3D technology and have no interest in buying a 3D television set. Maybe eventually I'll just have to get on board, but it seems like a passing fad to me!
    3. Sugarhill

      Sugarhill New Chatter

      Yes, you are alone in this. :D First, I'm more than ready for any improvements that they want to make to Kinect and I would prefer if it's bundled with the XBox versus being sold separately. Second, this cycle was about 10 years, so will the next one, so that's good to me. Also, I doubt very seriously if the price will be anywhere near $500. That's Sony's ammo, not Microsoft. They want to sell consoles and they know that it won't be possible with that kind of investment attached.
    4. AvalonX

      AvalonX New Chatter

      I am with Sugarhill. I am chomping at the bit for a new console and cannot wait for this. All I want it true 1080p @60fps. That alone would be a big leap in performance. I like the 3d stuff although I could live without it.
    5. Sugarhill

      Sugarhill New Chatter

      Isn't it more on the games themselves about the 1080p? I don't always check when I'm playing, but I'm pretty sure that I have quite a few games that play at 1080. Although, I'll also admit that I don't care once it's past 720. HD is enough for me as I play on an HD TV.

      Unless Microsoft has completely lost their minds in pricing or under produced consoles, more than likely, this will be sitting in my home on the release week. I won't be sleeping outside of any stores or standing in a line that starts outside, but when I can get one in under 30 minutes, I'll head out to do it.

      I could see myself sending or taking my current one down to my mother so we can video chat over Kinect.