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    Home Your Worst Chore

    Shortie861 Oct 17, 2011

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      What would you say is your worst chore to do around the house?

      I myself hate having to do the washing up or ironing. Washing clothes, hanging them on the line, hoovering and cleaning around the house doesn't bother me but when it comes to ironing and washing up I put those two chores off as long as I can :)
    2. LucasMom

      LucasMom Quiet Chatter

      I do most everything around the house when it comes to cleaning and I don't mind. However, I hate to take the garbage outside, I don't know why. I'm bad about taking the bag out of the garbage can tying it up and then leaving it sitting there until my husband comes home so he will carry it outside.
    3. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      Gardening without a doubt :)
      Washing up mostly goes in Dishwasher,very little gets ironed.If you fold stuff right after drying most things iron themselves.I only iron my shirts and press my trousers.
    4. fiona1964

      fiona1964 Chataholic

      I hate ironing and will do any thing to get out of doing it
      mind you now I can`t do any ironing as I don`t have a iron or ironing board
    5. Marc

      Marc Crazy Dave FTW!

      For me, worst chore might be cleaning up around the house.
      For example, when someone is visiting. You always want to have your house sparking clean, even if it's decent.
    6. TheHaze

      TheHaze Shy Chatter

      Tidying my room. My room is small, yet always messy. Takes me ages!
    7. Beverly

      Beverly Getting There

      I don't do ironing. Instead, i buy clothes that are easy care, easy wear and then wash and let them spin out and hang to dry or pop into the dryer and that takes out the wrinkles.

      But back when my honey worked in insurance, i had to spend three hours a week starching his shirts so they were VERY crisp when he wore them.

      Actually liked that job.

      I haven't owned an iron since my daughter was born though.

      Just afraid that's an accident waiting to happen.

      As for my worst chore, maybe cleaning the litter box, though I'm actually the best person to do it, cause they are all my cats (save for the kitten that belongs to my honey and EB which belongs to my daughter) and i know how the litter box should be cleaned, washed, refilled, etc. LOL!

      Not really the kinda job you wanna be good at, but that's better than being bad at it and having a stinky house. :doh: