OMEGA Constellation Gents 41mm Watch

As it approaches its 70th birthday, the long-running Omega Constellation has seen it all, experiencing nearly 70 years of unique watchmaking trends that have informed many of its design iterations. From the beautifully dressed pan dials of the early 1952s, to the introduction of the world’s first one-piece bracelet watch in 1969, to the ultra-thin quartz cases that followed in the mid-1980s, Omega seems to have integrated it into the Constellation’s unifying vision, now embodied in two key collections: the Globemaster with its coin-shaped bezel and pie-shaped dial,Best Fake Watches UK and the clawed bezel we’re examining today! The “Manhattan” has been reissued, a modern reissue that is a complete representation of the classic 1982 film.

The latest 41mm “Manhattan” Constellation reference model, available in 39mm and 41mm versions, appears in various dial and bezel combinations, but I think the silk-embossed textured “linen” dial with its ceramic bezel and contrasting black hands, logo, and bezel are a good example of the modern reissue. Index is the reference to get. As a completely modern watch with real historical impact, this model is particularly well suited to this design profile without feeling like its size has been increased just to fit a trend or satisfy a specific demographic. For me personally, most 39mm or smaller watches with any type of bezel have dial openings that are too small, causing the watch to feel even smaller visually than the size suggests. But with some very compact lug to lug dimensions, but with 41mm bezels and bezels that have the best ratio of visual balance and wearability!

In addition, the liquid metal-filled ceramic bezel brings a sporty, masculine feel that neither of the solid stainless steel bezels in either case size have. This is a stylish new aesthetic, particularly relevant for those who might be turned off by the Art Deco trap of the constellations – no need to deviate from the reference to iconic design elements such as the Roman numeral hour markers or the 9 and 3:00 “claws” on the bezel, which was used for different purposes in 1982, preserving the watch’s
Waterproofing is achieved by clamping the crystal to the bottom cover.

OMEGA’s new Seamaster Diver 300M in black ceramic and titanium

The new generation Seamaster Diver 300M is arguably the 2018 OMEGA most important new product, and while it’s not as talked about as the Apollo 8 or the first-gen Seahorse replica, it’s in the minds of old OMEGA fans The location and sales of the real ability but any topic models are hard to rival, and this point we from the brand in the second half of 2018 marketing The direction can also be seen. After the end of the 2018 campaign, OMEGA has started 2019 off with this All Black’s new model; simply put this is the black ceramic version of the new Seahorse Diver 300, albeit with a premium element but the change itself isn’t unusual, and it’s interesting that this small change does create a rather different character for the model. And comparing it to the sunburst Diver 300 and the higher-end Planet Ocean shows that the A number of brands have made the distinction in product positioning.

One big difference between the black ceramic model and the regular model is the approach to the face plate, which also makes ripples on the zirconia ceramic plate, but For the standard model, the laser is used to engrave a concave female text, while for the black ceramic model, a convex male text is used, so there should be a similar pattern between the two. There is a difference.

The black ceramic model has a diameter of 43.5mm, which is 1.5mm larger than the metal case. It may be that it is still necessary to match the processing of ceramic material. In the past, when OMEGA introduced ceramic models for both Seamaster and Speedmaster, they would emphasize that they were all ceramic exteriors. Even the bottom cover is made of ceramic, and there is no metal interior, but this one is made of titanium, which is rare. The metal has a transparent back, the bezel’s frame is also titanium, and only the middle coloured ring is ceramic.

The bezel is titanium on the outside and black ceramic on the middle coloured bezel with the indices and numbers in a recessed negative text filled with white. Enamel. Although the Swatch Group now has ceramic rings in almost every price point, the quality of OMEGA’s Still the best.

The bottom cover and bezel are not ceramic at first glance sounds like a drop in the bucket, the problem is that the seahorse is screwed in, and it’s going to take the lack of metal malleability Locking the ceramic back into a case made of the same material is a difficult technique, which is why the original Planet On the other hand, the bezel of a dive watch is a movable part, and the use of metal is one of the reasons why Ocean makes ceramic casebacks so easy to justify. Or ceramic also involves the mechanism underneath, not unlike the usual external parts that just change, so OMEGA is withholding here By not using ceramic for the caseback and bezel, we are keeping costs under control, as both are expensive to make, and this effort has also made the watch more affordable. The final pricing could be a hundred grand cheaper than Planet Ocear Deep Black, also in black ceramic. maintains the separation between the two.
OMEGA’s “Naiad Lock” system allows the ceramic caseback to be locked into the ceramic case, while ensuring that the “Naiad Lock” on the caseback is not damaged. The principle behind the lettering being positioned in the right place should have something to do with stress control; this one, since it has a titanium backing. The Naiad Lock plays mostly into that positioning.